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Puducherry has Electronic Tendering System

Puducherry, Feb 5 (PTI) Puducherry today became the first place in the country to introduce the Electronic Tendering System (ETS) to bring in enhanced transparency and efficiency in public procurement.

Developed by Electronic Tender Pvt Ltd, a software product and services company, ETS is the first of its kind in the world, tested independently at Veritest in Europe, Managing Director of the company Jitendra Kohli said.

The launch in Puducherry has been done on an ASP model by Electronic Tender Pvt Ltd in partnership with the web portal

Puducherry Chief Minister who launched the system, said the government was keen to bring in transparency in all facets of governance and this was a first step to that goal.

Puducherry Minister for IT and Education, Shahjahan said the government would come out with an IT policy soon. “We will also create 1,000 e-seva centres, which will ease bill payment procedures and also help people get all their certificates from one place”.

ChennaiOnline will be providing training to government officials and also contractors to help them understand the system.

“All the processes from pre-tendering to finalization of bids can now be done + saving time and costs,” R Rangaraj of ChennaiOnline said.

Jitendra Kohli claimed the ETS would make a huge impact in the world in the next two years. “Each government department can configure its tender policy as per the need. They can set the rules for each tender and sign it digitally,” he said. More PTI ROH SAN
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“India will now give the world the most critical applications in e-governance,” he said.

He said three states and seven Public Sector Undertakings have approached them for the product.

Kohli said the bids posted would be encrypted first by the supplier himself before he sends the bid and a second encryption would take place during the sending of the bid, thereby, ruling out any foul play which may happen at the server end.

ChennaiOnline CEO, L Ravichandran said the product would be rolled out in two phases, the Foundation stage which will take six months, where users can work on digital signatures. The second stage involves comprehensive web applications.” He said. PTI ROH SAN

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