Gist of the Presentation by Mr Jitendra Kohli -- Managing Director, (India) Pvt Ltd, and ElectronicTender Pvt Ltd (Mauritius)

On the occasion of the launch, Mr Jitendra Kohli, the innovator and chief architect of the Electronic-Tendering Engine, presented an incisive and well-researched treatise on some ‘Crucial Administrative and Security Issues’ which are relevant in design of a system for electronic-tendering, if greater transparency is to be achieved. He asserted that the actual objective of designing and developing a proper Electronic-Tendering, or e-Tendering system, for ‘Electronic Public Procurement’ should be ‘Greater Transparency, Security and Efficiency’. However, merely by adding an ‘e’ to the tendering process will not necessarily make it more transparent. An inappropriately designed e-Tendering System can actually be a façade for hiding greater corruption, with levels of transparency worse than the manual system.

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