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Mr Hartmann is a Swiss national who has extensive experience of doing business with Governments of various countries in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. He began his career as a photogrammetric engineer, completing his studies in that field in Holland. The greatest part of his career has been spent in Asia. He has spent the last two decades there and the last ten years working for a Swiss medical device company for whom he has set up a subsidiary company in India. His extensive experience in Asia has given him considerable insight into many of the continent's cultures and philosophies, which has contributed to his successful management of the Indian company.

J. Kohli Consulting is a Strategy, Management and Technology Consulting company based at New Delhi, India. The group has rendered Consulting and Training services to some of the world's leading business organizations - Compaq Computer (S'Pore), Apple Computer (Hong Kong), Hewlett Packard (India), Oki (Japan), Mathys (Switzerland), EXIM Bank of Korea, Motorola (India), Indocean Capital Advisors, India (Chase Group, USA), Shearman & Sterling (USA), et al.


  • Entry Strategy: Formulating/ Reviewing and Implementing Entry Strategies of foreign organizations desirous of establishing/ strengthening operations in India
  • Turnaround Strategies/ Consulting Services for enhancing Operational Efficiency and Strategic Focus in various functions of a business organization
  • Building and Empowering the Sales-Force of a business organization and improving Sales-Management Systems
  • Specialized Studies/ Market Research/ Strategy Formulation exercises in specified areas of Economy, Industry and Government Policy/ Functioning with Detailed Reports
  • Due Diligence exercises/ Investigative-studies with multi-disciplinary focus

J.Kohli Consulting offers services relating to Software Product Development, with special focus on ‘Productizing’ a software application (new or existing). This would include Domain Analysis, Software Elements Analysis, Conceptualization, select aspects of Software Design and Architecture, et al. This may be done in conjunction with a client organization’s software development team.

In this context, it would be pertinent to state that J. Kohli Consulting (JKC) had provided substantive inputs in the form of consulting and software development services to one of its client companies [ie ElectronicTender Pvt Ltd, Mauritius (ETM)], in the conceptualization and development of the software product, Electronic-Tendering Engine® (ETE), which to the best of our knowledge is the world’s most comprehensive software product for secure and transparent electronic-Government-Procurement (eGP). Based on available information, ETE is the only e-tendering product in the world listed in the ‘Microsoft Windows Server Catalog of Tested Products’.


The Training Division of J. Kohli Consulting offers a series of powerful Management Development Training Programmes for enhancing the functional skills of client organization’s personnel. These are fully or partly tailor-made to customer’s requirements.

Synergising Gains from Consulting/ Training for the Client Organization: A distinctive strength of the group is its capability to offer its clients Consulting and Training services in an integrated manner. While the focus of consulting is on strategy formulation and improvement of systems /procedures, the focus of Training is on developing the skills and attitudes of the client-organization's personnel. This integrated approach enhances gains for the client organization.