• Jitendra Kohli

    Managing Director - (India) Pvt Ltd, and ElectronicTender Pvt Ltd (Mauritius)

  • Suresh Rajpal

    Director - (India) Pvt Ltd, and Chairman - ElectronicTender Pvt Ltd (Mauritius)

  • Rene J. Hartmann

    Director - ElectronicTender Pvt Ltd (Mauritius)

  • Virrsing Ramdeny

    Director - ElectronicTender Pvt Ltd (Mauritius)

  • Koossoom Newoor

    Director - ElectronicTender Pvt Ltd (Mauritius)

Jitendra Kohli, B.Tech. (Electrical Engg) 1976 from IIT Delhi, is the founder and Managing Director of ElectronicTender.

Background :
He has been researching in the area of e-procurement/ e-tendering, with focus on public procurement, for over 14-years now. Based on his pioneering work, his company, ElectronicTender has developed an innovative e-procurement/ e-tendering/ e-auction software product, Electronic-Tendering Engine® (ETE), which comprehensively addresses the requirements of ‘public-procurement’ globally.
[Based on available information, the security and transparency related features of ETE are currently far ahead of any competing product in the world. Furthermore, the high degree of configurability inbuilt in ETE ensures that it can be readily used in compliance with the tendering policy and procedures of any country, without any customization of the software, as long as English is the accepted language of communication]

His work, 'e-Procurement Integrity Matrix' is a comprehensive treatise on 'security, transparency and accountability' issues in e-procurement for Government and Public-Sector organizations. This document has been adopted and published by a reputable civil society organization focused on bringing transparency in public-procurement, and is available in public-domain for the benefit of all concerned. The Government of India's 'guidelines for e-procurement' have taken inspiration from his writings on the security and transparency related aspects of e-procurement.

In end-2011/ 2012, his services were commissioned by the Asian Development Bank for technical peer-review of the update of MDB's ‘e-Procurement Toolkit’.

In the month of August 2012, he was invited to present a paper at the ‘International Public Procurement Conference (IPPC5)’ held at Seattle (USA). The paper titled ‘Red Flags in e-Procurement/ e-Tendering for Public Procurement and some Remedial Measures’ [URL: ], was found to be eye-opener by delegates from many countries, including USA and EU. His participation at the European Commission’s Seminar on Electronic Procurement (Brussels, 14 December 2012) had a similar impact, and he was invited to make a presentation at the European Space Agency in Paris.

Earlier, as a Strategy & Management Consultant, he successfully handled major assignments for reputable international organizations like – Compaq, Apple, Mathys, Chase, Shearman & Sterling, et al; and prior to that as a senior Management Executive in the IT and Engineering Industry, he had extensive experience of Government Tendering.

He is the General Editor of The Business Guide to India (a best-selling handbook on Foreign Investment in India, published in end-1996 by Butterworth Heinemann, UK/ Singapore).

Suresh Rajpal is the Director of (India) Pvt Limited, and a Chairman of ElectronicTender Pvt Limited (Mauritius).

Suresh Rajpal worked with HP for 29 years in numerous senior positions in the US, Canada, Asia and Latin America. He started Hewlett Packard's India operations in 1989, and was President of the company till January 1999. Under his leadership, HP India achieved the highest award for business excellence in the country - the "CII EXIM Award for Business Excellence". He was Director of Marketing, Sales and Support for HP's Asia Pacific operations whilst located in Hong Kong prior to heading HP-India's operations.

Suresh Rajpal received the "US Ambassador's Award" for distinguished service for strengthening the relationship between the US and India as President of the American Business Council.

Mr Hartmann is a Swiss national who has extensive experience of doing business with Governments of various countries in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. He began his career as a photogrammetric engineer, completing his studies in that field in Holland. The greatest part of his career has been spent in Asia. He has spent the last two decades there and the last ten years working for a Swiss medical device company for whom he has set up a subsidiary company in India. His extensive experience in Asia has given him considerable insight into many of the continent's cultures and philosophies, which has contributed to his successful management of the Indian company.

Mr Hartmann is a Director of ElectronicTender Pvt Ltd (Maritius)