"... MM Cell of …. Corporate Office has been successfully using the e-procurement system of TCIL, based on the ETS® software of ElectronicTender.com, for processing its Open tenders since Jan 2011. We are pleased to acknowledge the smooth functionality of the system, its wide option of configurability of a tender and the associated support services provided by M/s TCIL.

The Online Public Tender Opening Event is very transparent to the bidders. Moreover, TCIL’s e-procurement system has empowered .... officers to themselves conduct all purchaser related activities without any intervention from TCIL. Till date we have not received any complaint with respect to security features of the portal.

In some of the tenders, …. has also conducted an added round of e-bidding through e-reverse auction facility offered by the same system. Here too remarkable feature such as non-disclosure of identity of a bidder not only to other bidders but also to the purchasing authority …… officers is available. Also, during such rounds of e-reverse auction we achieved significant price reductions in some of the tenders.

We would especially like to express our appreciation for the smooth execution of the recent GSM Infrastructure expansion tender of …. for …. Million lines of GSM on e-procurement portal. In this prestigious tender bid data to be submitted by bidders was of very large size, and concerns & apprehensions were also very high with respect to handling capability of the e-tender portal. However, performance of TCIL’s e-tendering system has been commendable and to the satisfaction of …. as well as, our valued bidders. ..."

a reputed PSU of the Govt of India,
which is one of the largest telecom service provider in India

"... For the recent tenders of ... we used the e-tendering system based on ElectronicTender’s software (www.il-electronictender.com). Your Security/Transparency features are excellent and way ahead of other e-tendering systems we had used.

We found many unique features in your system, which are missing in others. For example:

1. In EectronicTender system (ETS) we could encrypt both our technical/financial bid data. In other e-tendering systems we cannot encrypt our technical bids.

2. In ETS we could participate in Online Public Tender Opening Event (TOE) and see for ourselves, every step of Public Tender Opening Event. We have not found this kind of detailed online TOE in any other e-tendering systems. In ETS, the Online Public TOE was complete with all activities required for a transparent process.

In Bid Encryption done in other systems we have no opportunity to see how and when it is decrypted. In ElectronicTender’s systems all this is done in front of us during TOE and since the decryption key is with the bidder, we have one hundred percent confidence in the security of the bid.

We are happy to note that all important electronic postings, like tender notice, tender document, corrigenda, addenda etc are digitally signed by concerned officers. In case of tender documents/ addenda, we can even verify the signature of the concerned officer. We have not come across any other e-Tendering systems where digital signatures have been used in such a comprehensive manner verification facility.

We would like to especially mention that your support staff is very helpful ..."

a reputable engineering company based in Mumbai (India)

"... The ‘E-Tendering’ services offered by ElectronicTender Mauritius/India have automated the important parts of the tendering process in ... without compromising with the ‘Security’ and ‘Ease of Use’.

The system is very ‘Comprehensive’ and it is a good experience working on an‘E-Tendering System’ which brings ‘Transparency’ to the procurement process. We congratulate ElectronicTender for developing a ‘State Of Art’ E-Tendering System and wish Electronic Tender a long association with us. ..."

a high profile & reputed Joint Venture of Govt of India and Govt of Delhi

"... The software developed by you for the E-tendering system has been found quite useful.

As far as ... is concerned we have started loading tenders for the benefits of the public in ... which has given us some good response.

It is hope that this brings a larger transparency in the tendering system ..."

a reputable Govt Undertaking

"... We used your system for the first time for ... tender. The method of electronically sealing the bids, i.e. bid-encryption, is very secure and we feel assured of the confidentiality of the bid with a "Pass-Phrase" created by us is very secure.

Although your System is very detailed and comprehensive, it is very User-Friendly ..."

a reputable engineering company based in Chennai (India)

"... Successful Submission of Bid for tender of ... for Numaligarh Refinery ...

As per our today’s telephonic discussion, we have successfully submitted our bid with your telephonic guidance and ‘Help’ provided on the screens. Thank you very much for the same.

We have specially liked Electronic Tender’s bid-encryption methodology, which is very safe and secure...."

a reputable manufacturing company based in Mumbai (India)

"... We recently had the opportunity to use an e-tendering / E-procurement system based on ElectronicTender’s software. We found the security features of your software far better than in other e-tendering systems we have used.

We have used other E-tendering systems in other PSU’s and other government organizations. In other E-tendering systems Technical Bids are not encrypted. In other systems there is no Online Tender opening Event, only the results are displayed online after the bids have been opened by the purchaser to which bidders are not witnessing. Which through Electronic tender.com is clearly visible & Fair in terms of complete tendering process, we really appreciate this procedure.

However we are pleased to note and experience that Electronic tenders E-tendering system and Bid Encryption process is different and gives greater feeling of comfort & security.

We also would like to Highlight that your “Training & Support team” is very helpful & Innovative...."

a reputable manufacturing company based in New Delhi (India)

"... We have successfully completed ... all the three stages of the tendering process including Online Submission and Processing of Eligibility Bids, Technical Bids and Financial Bids. ... other ... tenders are in progress.

Efforts put in by the Electronic Tender (India) Private Limited in providing highly secured and transparent system of E-Tendering Portal are worth appreciable. Almost all the aspects both legal and operational have been taken in consideration to the minute level.

Quantum of efforts put in ... in understanding our additional requirements and in incorporating the same in the E-Tendering Portal in coordination with Electronic Tender (India) Private Limited in a time bound manner are praise-worthy. This clearly shows their positive attitude toward customer orientation ..."

a high–profile and reputed PSU of the Govt of India

"... For a single-stage-two-envelope tender floated by ..., we recently experienced as a vendor the use of Electronic Tender System, which is based on your e-tendering software.

The software is excellent in terms of security features, and user-friendliness.

We are especially very impressed with the Bid-Encryption technology of your software. Firstly, we could encrypt both the technical and financial bids independently. Apart from encrypting the Electronic Forms, we could also encrypt and submit detailed bid files with technical and also financial bid envelopes. This is something which we have not found before in any other e-tendering system. In other systems we know of, only the financial bid in electronic-form is encrypted. Also in case of ElectronicTender, the key/ pass-phrase for encryption/decryption of bids is in our hands, so we feel assured about the confidentially of the bid after we have submitted it. In case of other e-tender systems where Public Key of the purchase officer is used for bid encryption, we feel apprehensive about the security and confidentially of the bid.

We were also very happy to see the online Public Tender Opening Event in the Electronic Tender System. It is extremely comprehensive, and every activity of the opening event is performed in front of all the online participating vendors in a very transparent manner. Further, the tiresome activities of the vendor taking notes during public tender opening event, and then making comparison-chart has been replaced with very user-friendly facility in your system of downloading important summary of each opened bid, and on-the-spot generation of Comparison Chart. This is not only very useful, it is far better than any other e-tendering system we know of where although some results of the opened bids are made available to the bidders, the bidders are themselves not witness to each activity of the tender-opening event. No doubt your system is very transparent.

Overall, we are very satisfied with your electronic tender system, and feel very comfortable while using it. ..."

a reputable Information Technology company based in New Delhi (India)