Cyber India Online Ltd. (CIOL): December 9, 2005 launches e-tendering product

Electronic tendering will lead to enhanced transparency and security in public procurement, enhanced efficiency and reach

Friday, December 09, 2005

NEW (India) Pvt. Ltd (ETI), the Indian affiliate of Mauritius-based software products and services company ElectronicTender Pvt Ltd, has announced the launch of software for electronic public procurement/e-governance.

The electronic tendering software is first product in the series of Electronic-Tendering-Engine (Foundation Model).

Government organizations can license the software for building their own captive, Internet-based tendering portals, or use the tendering-portals build by other application service providers (ASPs).

Large professionals, private corporations can also use the software for floating tenders. As suppliers (i.e. as bidders), private sector companies can also use this software while responding to government tenders which are floated on tendering portals using the ElectronicTender software.

Speaking on the occasion, ETI chairman VK Shunglu said, “Systems based on these electronic tendering products have the potential to revolutionize the way formal tendering is done worldwide by various government organizations, multi-lateral agencies and professional corporate organizations.”

ETI has done the software development work. The company would be managing the tendering portal for conducting pilot projects to be conducted over the next six weeks. (India) Pvt. Ltd (ETI) and ElectronicTender Pvt Ltd (Mauritius) MD Jitendra Kohli said, “We have invested 100 man years and $1 million in developing the product. Electronic tendering will lead to enhanced transparency and security in public procurement, enhanced efficiency and reach and reduced costs of tendering for both buyers and suppliers. The expected source of revenue includes license fee, portal usage charge, etc.”

Through ETI, marketing in various countries would be done primarily through tying up with local partners who may also take on the role of ASPs i.e. setting up shared tendering e-portals in those countries. As the first step, the company has already licensed its software as an ASP to US based Yser. Yser would be setting up an e-tendering portal in the US primarily targeted at the government tenders there.

Kohli informed that the company is currently in talks with two government organizations in India and the pilot projects are going to be announced soon. “We are also in talks with two more Indian companies for setting up the portal in India,” he added.

Launching the product, the chairperson – National Knowledge Commission to the prime minister, Sam Pitroda said, “This is a disruptive product and will change the way tendering is done. We need more products coming out of India as product design would help India in moving up the value chain.”

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