Relevance of High-Security Tendering to Corporate Organizations

Although, ElectronicTender's software has been developed keeping in view the most stringent security requirements as mandated for Government/ Public-Procurement, corporate organizations could also use the software for streamlining their procurement processes.)

Some corporate organizations which are committed to high standards of Corporate Governance, are likely follow a formal and transparent process for their procurement related activities, similar to the sealed bid processes followed for public-procurement. Many other corporate organizations may not be adopting such formal processes of procurement due to the heavy overheads involved in adopting such elaborate procedures. With the convenient availability of the high-security e-tendering systems (ElectronicTender System®, or ETS) from ElectronicTender, a corporate organization can also easily switchover to formal e-tendering (or e-procurement), and achieve major gains in Efficiency, internal Accountability, and Cost Reduction.

The software is configurable, and provisions have been made in the software for a corporate organization to cut out some elaborate steps of the formal procurement process, while retaining the basic security framework.

Top management, and procurement teams of corporate organizations will find the experience of using ElectronicTender System (ETS) rewarding.