ElectronicTender® is a Software Products and Services company. Since its inception in March 2000, main focus of the company has been on developing products and services for e-Procurement and e-Governance.

ElectronicTender® has unique expertise and know-how for delivering "complete solutions" for conducting comprehensive Internet-based/ Intranet-based bidding, with processes based on those followed in Government organizations, Public Sector organizations and Multi-lateral Agencies like the World Bank.

Electronic-Tendering Engine® – Advanced (ETE-Advanced Plus)

ElectronicTender® has developed the world's most advanced high-security e-tendering/ e-procurement software product called ‘Electronic-Tendering Engine® - Advanced’ (ETE-Advanced Plus).

ETE-Advanced Plus is a pioneering internet-based application software, especially designed for the G2B/ B2G/ G2G/ B2B space, which encompasses a gamut of procurement related activities of an organization in a holistic and streamlined manner. The thrust of the product design is on ‘Efficiency’, as well as, ‘Transparency’ and ‘Security’ as required by the ‘formal tendering procedures’ followed by Multi-lateral Agencies and Government organizations in various countries.

Using ETE-Advanced Plus, a shared or captive e-tendering portal, also referred to as ElectronicTender System® (ETS), can be set up on the internet for rendering e-tendering services.

International suitability of the Electronic Tendering software has been ensured at the design stage itself.

Objective/ Purpose:

(General) To enhance the efficacy and efficiency of the tendering process as followed in Government and Corporate sectors through – reduction in the Time and Cost associated with the process, while increasing the level of Transparency.

(Specifically for Corporate Organizations) To make ‘Tendering’ the preferred mode of B2B purchasing, by enhancing Efficiency and Accountability, and reducing the overheads normally associated with the logistics of a transparent and secure tendering process.

Broad Outline of Functionality:

On ETS, a Buyer-organization can carry out the complete tendering cycle online, encompassing – Requisition Management, Management of Tender Notices, Tender Documents, Receipt and Storage of electronically Sealed Bids, Public Tender Opening Event, et al using a variety of bidding methodologies. Where required, e-auctions can also be conducted in a secure and transparent manner.

Similarly, Bidders can respond online for various activities


Distinctiveness in respect of --

Validation/ Testing:

Electronic-Tendering Engine® software has undergone extensive security testing, and other forms of testing ... more ...

Modes of Availability of ETE-Advanced Plus:

ElectronicTender® licenses its software in three modes –

  • For setting up of a dedicated or captive e-tendering portal by a large Buyer organization for use by it and its vendors
  • For setting up of a commercial e-tendering portal by a Service Provider in ASP-mode, for shared-use by multiple Buyer organizations within a country and a global base of vendors (ASP-licensing mode)
  • For dove-tailing the e-tendering software with a larger application such as an ERP system (OEM mode)