Distinctiveness of ETE-Advanced

Security/ Transparency/ Comprehensiveness/ Full Legal Compliance

In terms of ‘Security’ and 'Transparency' related features, ElectronicTender's software understandably is far ahead of any known e-tendering system deployed anywhere in the world for Public Procurement.

Every single nuance of the manual sealed-bid Public Procurement process, which has legal and transparency related significance, has been addressed in the software in the most comprehensive and secure manner. This includes online Bid-Submission with securely-encrypted 'Electronic-Forms' as well as accompanying 'Detailed Electronic Bids'; a variety of possible Bidding-Methodologies -- Single-Stage Single-Envelope, Single-Stage Two-Envelope, Two-Stage, Two-Stage Two Envelope, all the previous 4-methodolgies preceded by Pre-qualification stage; options of Alternative-Bids; facility of Online Public Tender Opening Events with live online participation of bidders and with features like – security check, digital counter-signing of each opened bid (ie decrypted bid) by all the authorized tender-opening officers, simultaneous downloading of the salient points of each opened bid by the Buyer as well as the bidders, digitally signed Online Minutes of the tender-opening event; et al. Digital signatures are used at multiple stages of the overall tendering process. All important electronic-postings are digitally signed by the duly authorized officers.

Security of the bid-encryption (ie sealing) is such that even if there is surreptitious connivance between the service-provider's administrator and the tender-opening officers, copies of the bids cannot be decrypted before the online public tender opening event.

Sealed Bid e-tendering stage(s) can also be followed by e-SecureAuction®. Both e-ReverseAuction™, as well as, e-ForwardAuction® are supported. The e-auctions can also be initiated without preceding sealed bid stage(s).

For greater security, the e-auctions are conducted by the dully authorized officers of the concerened organization and not by the service provider.

Even in a portal which is shared by multiple Buyer-organizations/ Auctioneers, the controls of all the core tendering processes are in the hands of the authorized users of the concerned organizations, as distinct from being in the hands of the service-provider's personnel, thereby enhancing Security and Accountability.

Distinctiveness in respect of -- Ready Availability/ Global Deployability

The ETE software is 'highly configurable' online, and can be readily deployed with almost 'nil' gestation period in different countries, or for example different Federal/ Central and State Government entities. The high degree of configurability enables compliance with varying tendering policies/ procedures prevalent in different countries, and organizations, without resorting to long-drawn customization projects