e-Tendering Services

(through ElectronicTender’s Service Providers)

The 'Electronic-Tendering Engine®' software is intrinsically designed to enable a neutral entity to set up an Electronic-Tendering portal as an Application Service Provider (ASP), and render Electronic-Tendering services to a large user base of Buyer organizations in a specified country, and a global base of Supplier organizations.

A Buyer organization which does not wish to set up and manage its own e-tendering portal, can make use of e-tendering services through one such Service Provider of ElectronicTender®.

In this approach, the 'gestation-period' for developing and implementing the electronic-tendering software will be 'completely eliminated', and the overall project implementation time will be virtually confined to training of relevant personnel of the user organizations and change-management related activities. 'Capital outlay' towards setting up the Electronic-Tendering portal is also eliminated, as services are offered on 'pay-as-you-use basis'.

Furthermore, even in a shared environment offered by an ASP, the 'functional control of crucial e-tendering/ e-auction activities remains with the authorized personnel of the concerned user organizations' who float tenders and conduct various tendering activities online using the ElectronicTender System®. (This is distinct from other tendering portals, where many tendering/ auction related activities are conducted directly by the service provider's personnel or with their intervention).

In case your organization is interested in using services in ASP-mode, please contact us

Pilot Project for e-Tendering

(using Electronic-Tendering Engine® - Advanced)

Before switching over to a new procurement methodology and making a major investment, it may be important for a Buyer organization to check out the new technology/ methodology.

ElectronicTender® welcomes such organizations to conduct limited-cost ‘Pilot Projects’, to fully satisfy themselves about the veracity of ElectronicTender’s claims pertaining to its software and its uniqueness. If required, training and other support can be provided during such Pilot Projects.

In case you wish to conduct a Pilot-Project, please fill and submit the Pilot Project Contact Form, or e-mail at

User Training

[for use of ElectronicTender System® (ETS)]
  • Training at different levels of the Buyer-Organization to administer/ use the portal
  • Training at different levels of the Supplier-Organization to administer/ use the portal
  • Where captive portal has been set up by the Buyer-Organization, or an ASP, Training for Implementing/ Managing/ Operating the portal

Integration Services

[for Integrating Electronic-Tendering Engine® - Advanced (ETE-Advanced) with other systems)

Consulting/ Services for Integrating Electronic-Tendering Application Software with the existing MIS/ ERP systems of client-organizations

Management Consulting and Training in the area of Procurement/e-Tendering

  • Studying the client organization's existing Procurement/ Tendering Processes and suggesting solutions for improvement
  • Formulating Strategies for improving Manual Systems of Tendering/ Procurement/ Materials Management
  • Formulating Strategies for improving existing Technology Solutions applied for Tendering/ Procurement/ Materials Management
  • Strategies for Change Management/ Migration from existing Manual Tendering System to Electronic Tendering System
  • Management Training in the above areas at different levels of the organization