Text of the speech given by Mr. V. K. Shunglu – Chairman, ElectronicTender.com (India) Pvt Ltd.

ElectronicTender Pvt Ltd (Mauritius) is a Software Products and Services company with an affiliate company in India, ElectronicTender.com (India) Pvt Ltd.

Project Focus

Since its inception in March 2000, the main focus of the company has been on developing software products for e-Procurement and e-Governance keeping in view a global market. In consonance with this endeavour, it intends to launch a series of ‘Pioneering internet-based software products for Electronic Tendering/ Bidding’. After extensive research and intensive development effort, the first product in the series Electronic-Tendering Engine® (Foundation model), is being launched today. Systems based on these Electronic Tendering products have the potential to revolutionize the way formal tendering is done worldwide by various Government organizations, Multi-lateral Agencies and professional Corporate organizations. Government organizations can license the software for building their own captive, internet-based Tendering Portals, or use the Tendering-Portals built by other ASPs (Application Service Providers). Large professional, private corporations can also use the software for floating tenders, if they wish to follow a Transparent and streamlined process. As Suppliers (ie as Bidders), private sector companies will of course use this software while responding to Government tenders which are floated on Tendering Portals using the ElectronicTender® software.

Competitive Scenario

While a number of initiatives have taken place globally in the area of e-Procurement, their focus has been primarily on reverse-auction and its adaptations suitable for procurement by private sector. Government Tendering has its own peculiar characteristics with requirements of Transparency and Security, which can be addressed only by software designed specially for this purpose. ElectronicTender’s software has been designed keeping these considerations in mind, and that is how it is distinctive.

About ElectronicTender.com (India) Pvt Ltd

ElectronicTender (India) [ETI] has done the Software Development work. It would be managing the Tendering Portal for conducting Pilot Projects to be conducted over the next six weeks, and has also done the initial marketing in India and other countries. Through ElectronicTender (India), Marketing in various countries would be done primarily through tying up with local partners who may also take on the role of ASPs, ie setting up shared Tendering-Portals in those countries.

Founders, Key Directors and Members of the International Advisory Board

Some of the persons associated with ElectronicTender® (both Mauritius and India) are iconic figures of the Indian IT industry. Brief profiles are given in the Corporate Profiles enclosed in the folder given to you. Special mention in this regard needs to be made of – Mr F. C. Kohli, also popularly known as the Father of Indian Software Industry; Mr Suresh Rajpal who set up HP’s operations in India, and Mr Arjun Malhotra, the Co-founder of HCL; Suresh Rajpal and Arjun Malhotra (along with his family) are also investors in the company. Needless to state, the most important role in this pioneering project has been performed by Mr Jitendra Kohli, the Managing Director of ElectronicTender® (Mauritius), as well as, ElectronicTender (India). He conceptualized the whole system of Electronic-Tendering and holds the original copyright. With his leadership he has steered the two companies successfully in the face of overwhelming odds and difficulties – relating to Technical, Marketing, Legal, Operational, Funding aspects, et al. But for his missionary zeal and exemplary capability, we would not be here today to launch the system. Jitendra Kohli is an alumnus of IIT Delhi. Here is another example of how IITians are raising the Indian Flag at a global level in respect of leadership in Technology, as well as, Management. Tendering by Government is not just about Technology, but also has to address many aspects pertaining Law, Transparency and Security. The team of Directors and Senior Advisers therefore includes luminaries from these fields. Special mention in this regard needs to be made of Mr S. Ramaiah, Former Law Secretary and Chairman Copyright Board. Mr Kaarthikeyan, CBI Director is also on the International Advisory Board. Mr Pradeep Gupta, the head of India’s India’s most successful group publishing Computer magazines is another illustrious member of the International Advisory Board along with many others. Earlier as CAG of the Government of India, ie before I retired, it was my responsibility to ensure Transparent functioning of various Govt departments at the Central and State levels. Although in a totally different capacity, I saw for myself an extension of that objective in carrying forward this pioneering project whose main objective is to bring greater Transparency and Efficiency in Public Procurement.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the team at ElectronicTender (India) who have successfully developed a very intricate and sizable piece of Software, something which many others to whom the work had been outsourced earlier, had failed to do. Special thanks to our very capable legal team, who have successfully protected the company’s IPR over the years.

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