• Powering e-Auctions for Solar Power Projects
    Special functionality combining electronic sealed-bid tendering and reverse-auction with distinctive features for solar power projects
  • STQC-Certified for Full Compliance with DeitY-Guidelines
    The FIRST e-Procurement software to achieve this distinction
  • Bringing Transparency to Public Procurement
    Comprehensive Features for Formal Tendering by Government Organizations and Multi-lateral Agencies
  • High-Security Tendering
    - Multiple Layers of Security
    - Electronically Signed and Sealed Bids
    - Multi-Level Electronic Encryption
  • Unmatched Product Superiority in the e-Procurement space
    The FIRST e-Procurement software to achieve FULL COMPLIANCE with DeitY-Guidelines

('Prime Minister's KUSUM Yojana for Farmer's Energy Security') Over 100 Farmers in Madhya Pradesh win awards for about 300 MW Solar Power generation, through e-tenders/ e-auctions conducted on our Service-Provider's portal, Bharat-ElectronicTender.com;    'Record Solar Power Tariff of Rs 1.99/ unit' achieved on 19 Dec 2020 by GUVNL on our Service-Provider's portal, Bharat-ElectronicTender.com;     Earlier, 'Record Solar Power Tariff of Rs 2.00/ unit’ achieved on 23 Nov 2020 by SECI on our Service-Provider's portal, Bharat-ElectronicTender.com;    e-Tender-cum-e-Auction for ‘Long-Term Power Purchase’ successfully concluded on our Service-Provider's portal, Bharat-ElectronicTender.com;    Maiden 'Round-the-Clock' (RTC) Renewable Energy Auction (Solar or Wind), which achieved a 'Combined Tariff of Rs 2.90/ unit' on 9 May 2020, conducted by SECI on our Service-Provider's portal, Bharat-ElectronicTender.com;    Earlier, ‘Record Solar Power Tariff of Rs 2.36/ unit' achieved on 30 June 2020 by SECI on our Service-Provider's portal, Bharat-ElectronicTender.com;     Since Nov. 2015, various ‘Record Solar/ Renewable Energy Tariffs' achieved by different Government agencies have been on our Service-Providers’ portals built with cutting-edge e-Tender-cum-e-Auction software of ElectronicTender®.

Salient Aspects of ElectronicTender’s e-Procurement / e-Tendering / e-Auction / e-GP Software Product